Fuji high-grade tile is a joint venture between Vietnam and Japan (The only color tile joint venture company in Vietnam), Manufactured under license of technology and on the most modern equipment of Fuji Slate Company – Japan’s No.1 tile company Has over 80 years of age.

All major machinery and equipment used in the production of Fuji tile including PVA (Kuralon) fiber reinforced fiber and special coating material are imported directly from Kuraray and Fuji Slate Company.

Fuji tile has superior properties compared to all other tiles such as:

High mechanical strength, particularly impact strength 16 times higher, helps to minimize cracks during construction or under adverse impacts of weather or weather.

Less than 40% saves on roofing materials and increases project life.

The multi-layer ceramic coating technology helps the tile to last over 30 years without moss mold in the hot and humid climate of Vietnam.

Colorful, sophisticated, responsive to the choice of architects and customers.

The waterproofing capacity is 300 times higher, ensuring that the building is not leaking even during storms.

Fuji high grade tile meets the stringent requirements of Japan Industrial Standard JISA 5402: 2002.

Over 60% of Fuji roof tile production in Vietnam has been exported to Japan and other countries. With advanced production technology and raw materials that meet the stringent standards for protecting human health and the environment of Japan.

Fuji high color tile
Create fresh living space

Fuji high color tile is a Joint-Venture between Vietnam and Japan


Mr Truong Van Hoa – Discuss content with Fuji Slate at Fuji Slate’s office in Tokushima, Japan (7/2008)

President and CEO of Fuji Slate – Mr. K. Mabuchi and Mr. Y. Mabuchi inaugurated the inauguration of Fuji Vietnam

Mr Asaba, chairman of Kuraray, said at the opening ceremony of the FUJI Vietnam tile factory

President Fuji Slate awarded license to use Japanese technology and equipment

President Fuji Slate and President Kuraray presented the souvenir to Fuji President

Inauguration ceremony of high-class color tile factory Fuji Vietnam

Tile factory and paint shop

Mr. K. Machachi, President of Fuji Slate introduced the first Fuji Vietnam tile (5/7/2009)

Superior level

Composite reinforcement

Waves standard Europe, Japan

Color Tile Fuji Vietnam Absolutely safe in the disaster, no hail !

The amount of water through the roof during the 12 grade storm test was only 1/300 the amount of burnt clay tile

Reduced to 40% of weight Optimal geometry, no warping, good water resistance

Fuji color tile is 40% lighter. Each 130m2 tile roof Fuji reduced 3000kg, equivalent to three Toyota


Durable: Okinawa

Check product quality before shipment

Mr Y. Mabuchi and the tile quality inspectors before moving to Japan

President K. Mabuchi and members welcomed the Fuji Vietnam tile to Tokushima, Japan

Thank you very much


Fuji high color tile